thank you God, for everything

July 26, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

Thank you for the world so sweet
Thank you for the food we eat
Thank you for the birds that sing
Thank you God, for everything

Americans have finally seen how evil their government is and there is no putting that genie back in the bottle


remember that mask you wore for two years, that was filled with microplastics? yeah…

Microplastics found deep in lungs of living people for first time (medical news today)

Particles discovered in tissue of 11 out of 13 patients undergoing surgery, with polypropylene and PET most common


I’ve decided to cut back on my political posts for a bit. Instead, I will share some word scrambles.



Declassified CIA Docs Reveal Link Between JFK Assassination and UFOs: the People’s voice… “The connection comes after President Biden recently cleared formerly top-secret documents to “provide a fuller understanding” of JFK’s murder. Researchers have studied the JFK assassination for decades, but one document has revealed the previously redacted name of a CIA official, Reuben Efron, who intercepted Lee Harvey Oswald’s mail in the months leading up to the shooting on Nov. 22, 1963.”

*all photos (not meme’s) were made by me and made on my property unless otherwise stated

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Gospel of Thomas (27)
(1) “If you do not abstain from the world, you will not find the kingdom.
(2) If you do not make the Sabbath into a Sabbath, you will not see the Father.”

comparable to: Luke 17: 20-21 (NKJV)
Romans 12: 2 (NKJV)
Bible verses about the Sabbath Day

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  1. Word scrabbles are great, but I’m not sure foreign speaking followers would understand… and some Americans will have issues, too.

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