Hollywood exposed (video)

July 27, 2023

Mel Gibson LEAKS Oprah’s Secret Agenda In Relation To ‘Sound Of Freedom’

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Hollywood Exposed

… a 13 minute video

~ first off, Mel Gibson isn’t part of the cast in the movie, the guy addresses this in the video
~ he uses the “f” word a couple times, and apologizes
~ the people who are saying the most against this video, are involved in the trafficking
~ hopefully the sound works okay for you…I could hear it fine on my cell phone, but listening on my computer – I was having issues

I’ve also been hearing that this is “illuminati propaganda”. The issue I have with this, is why would they expose themselves? I believe they’re throwing this out there to try and discredit the movie. We need to look at facts, with an open mind – or as open as we can be. No matter what the subject is, there will be people out there saying “conspiracy theory”, or “illuminati propaganda”, or misinformation, or whatever. The facts are what matters. We need to be able to judge, for ourselves what is truth and what are lies. If we can’t determine that for ourselves, all is lost

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