how nations fall

July 28, 2023

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Nations don’t fall because of a few tyrants.
They fall because the masses chose to comply with tyrants.
They chose to compromise with tyrants.
They chose to obey tyrants.

That’s how nations fall.

Western Media before February 2022:

~ Ukraine celebrates Nazi collaborator/bans book critical of programs leader ~ Far-Right fighters from Europe fight for Ukraine
~ Nazi symbols, salutes on display at Ukrainian nationalist march ~ Neo-Nazi’s and the far right are on the march in Ukraine
~ Ukraine underplays role of far right in conflict ~ Ukraine conflict: “White power” warrior from Sweden ~ Ukraine conflict: Child soldiers join the fight
(just a sample)

Western Media after February 2022: “Slava Ukraini!”



Georgia Child Identification Program

What if your child is missing?

Do you have your child’s current info ready?

Find out how you can protect
your children now!

~ free mason symbol ~
A public safety event
Freemasons of Georgia


Pence: “I really need your vote”

“That’s not my concern.”


What No One Told You About Dumpster Diving: ask a prepper… “In an SHTF situation, desperate will turn to desperate measures to stay alive. That’s why a lot more people than normal will turn to dumpster diving following a disaster to scrounge for food or anything else they can get. But dumpster diving is also about a lot more than just climbing into the back of a dumpster and scavenging for anything of value that you can find.” not just the homeless dumpster dive, repurposing garbage, using the right tools (flashlight, cane, knife), safety gear, and more are covered in this article

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Gospel of Thomas (29)
Jesus says:
(1) “If the flesh came into being because of the spirit, it is a wonder.
(2) But if the spirit (came into being) because of the body, it is a wonder of wonders.
(3) Yet I marvel at how this great wealth has taken up residence in this poverty.”

comparable to Romans 8: 6-11 (NKJV)

3 Comments on “how nations fall

  1. The tagging of kids was my one concern with ‘why’ they released The Sound of Freedom recently. I was afraid it might be a scare tactic for chipping.

    • There’s always going to be scare tactics…when my son was little they pushed cell phones with tracking ability. I didn’t buy into it.
      Bringing awareness to something is always a good thing, but like anything else – it can be twisted negatively. We just have to use our brains and not buy into it – and do everything we can to protect the children.

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