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July 28, 2023

photos of the week

tadpole photos: Sorry for the glare, there isn’t much I can do about it. These are cell phone photos, turning the flash off didn’t work. Anyway, as you can see there are a LOT of tadpoles!!! This is only a small sampling of what’s swimming around in the aquarium. There’s some other squigglies swimming around in there, but mostly tadpoles. As the bigger, older tadpoles get bigger they will probably eat some of the smaller ones.

“new” plant hanger: I took an old tire, put some chain around it and ~ poof ~ I’ve got a unique plant hanger. And I didn’t spend any money to get it. The tire came off a mower I think…I might put a different plant in there when I bring it inside in a few weeks. It’s kinda heavy at the moment. I don’t have to, I have hooks either in rafters or a board that is screwed into rafters.

and a video…

I believe this is a tipple killing a hornet – the tipple won!

leave a beam of sunshine
everywhere you go
keep your heart a-singing
and your smiles aglow
life will be worth living
folks will love you so
leave a beam of sunshine
everywhere you go

~ Nursery Rhyme

Budweiser’s new Rocketship beers


If you have to bury a body, do it vertically. Satellites look for 6-foot-long holes and marks them for investigation. Also, bury the body under a dead dog, sniffer dogs will mark that spot and when they dig it up and find the dog, they will mark it as a false positive and move on.



World premiere


*all photos and videos (not meme’s) were made by me and made on my property unless otherwise stated

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