Be aware of the people around you

July 30, 2023

When people hate you for seemingly no reason, they will mock you, slander your name and reputation.
They will also gossip about you. They will wish for your downfall.
They will turn family, friends, people you know and strangers against you.
That’s the smear campaign. The sad thing about it,
is that the main people that will do that to you are your own people.
The people that you thought you could trust, people that you have helped, loved and cared for
they are right under your nose deceiving you and pretending they love you.
They smile in your face and stabbed you in the back at the same time.

The reason why is because your heart is so pure, real and kind.
Your spirit is so pure that those demons that are inside them get intimidated by that light that’s in you. Because it exposes their darkness,
lies and fakeness when they come around someone that’s real with a pure heart.
They will make you look like you’re inferior to them when in reality that’s who they are to you.
They will project all their evil behavior and wickedness on to you
to make you look bad and make them look good.

Be aware of those kinds of people that are around you.
A lot of people in our family and friend circle and whoever you have in your life are not real people.
They are agents of the devil.
They are demonized and are in secret societies, occults and they are in the new age practice.
Which is witchcraft. They are workers of inequity. They have no love for people.
They only love money, power and material things from this world.
They will sell you out to the devil to sacrifice you for their selfish gain.

We are living in evil days.

God Bless you.

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