Coo-coo for coo-coo clocks

July 31, 2023

Sorry the wall and door look warped, I guess it happens using the panoramic option on my cell phone. Might be a neat affect to try out at a later time.

Anyway… I finally got the coocoo clock and all it’s pieces up! I had to put my artists brain to work…

The piece to the side is supposed to attach to the front of the roof, but it must be missing a little (I had to glue it back together) because the hooks on the back don’t align with the nails in the roof. I could’ve just glued it to the front, but felt that wasn’t really an option. If I ever have to take it down, either to move or store it, it would be nearly impossible to box it up. As it is, it’s awkward.

The pinecones on the bottom of the clock and attached to the chains (first photo) are heavy! I think they might be made of lead… I had to nail the chain to the wall, to pull it closer to the wall. This way, it’s less likely to get damaged.

I’m glad it’s finally done!

One more smaller coocoo clock to go and I’ll be done with old clocks! This one I don’t think I have any attachments for, but I need to check in the basement.

*all photos were made by me and made on my property unless otherwise stated

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