Deep state backed into a corner: x-22 report

July 31, 2023

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Ep 3123b – No War, No Civil War, Scare Event, [DS] Lost This Important Power,
Not Corrupt & Serves POTUS

…a one hour and 10 minute video

“The Deep State is panicking because the evidence against Biden is building, they will need to remove him soon and it looks like they are preparing to do this. Obama chef was killed while the Obama’s were home, is this wet work before [MO] gets ready to run. The Deep State is about to indict Trump again, election interference, they will push war and civil war but the patriots know playbook.” 

~ Joe Biden will be removed
~ RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) will do everything they can to remove Trump, as well as Democrats
~ 2020/J6 was an insurrection, just not the way Democrats are trying to spin it
~ minority vs majority – Jason Aldean/Bud light/
~ people aren’t buying what they’re selling
~ their story is unraveling
~ it takes time to expose the deep state corruption

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