it’s shoe to work

August 1, 2023

*these are not my photos, made on the Potomac River

On Friday my housemate went fishing and took one of my shoes with him. He’d been having the worst luck, so he decided to take one of my shoes with him.

The reasoning? It has been said, since I was a child, that if you wanted to catch any fish, take Holly (me) with you. Fish were sure to be caught!

It’s been way too hot for me to tag along, that’s why he took my shoe with him. It seemed to work.

I love to fish, having caught my first flounder at 4 or 5 years old. I wouldn’t let my dad help me, only getting seaweed off the line as I reeled it in. I ate it by myself too! I was stuffed, but it was good! From what I remember, no one caught anything that day so everyone else had to eat something else. My parents let me have the flounder myself because it was my first fish, caught by myself.

So, taking one of my shoes with him and placing it on the waters edge seemed to work. He caught two nice catfish which we ate for dinner.

STICKER SHOCK: New driving law comes into force in 35 days bringing automatic $400 charge for vehicle owners and a $200 yearly toll: the… “Those who have an electric vehicle will be responsible for paying the new annual fee in order to recoup tax money. Electric vehicle owners do not have to pay taxes on gasoline, since they no longer need it. According to the Dallas Morning News, this law will not apply to anyone that owns electric motorcycles, mopeds, or autocycles.” this is happening in Texas and takes affect September 1.

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  1. I am curious (not really) to know how much the Amish pay to use roads when they use neither gasoline or electric powered vehicles.

  2. That’s awesome he caught catfish. We don’t have them up here in NH but I’m from Louisiana where we caught them all the time.

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