punched in the face

August 3, 2023

Yesterday was a rough day. It started out fine, but turned bad real quick.

It all started because I did some research on raising tadpoles. I figured the best thing for me to do was get an old pool liner which had been saved from one of our old pools, to line the hole I will eventually dig.

I thought the liners were in the camper but when I was walking out there I noticed them on top of an old tool box alongside the camper. So I started pulling them off, not thinking about bees or anything else.

I was attacked! It was my own fault for not thinking things through. I was messing with their nest, and they didn’t like it.

I ended up in the pool, fully clothed, with at least a dozen bee (yellow jacket) stings. I was stung at least twice each on my eyebrow and nose, both of my arms, my left shoulder and right thigh. I may have also been stung on my lower back as well.

After the pool I took a baking soda bath, 4 Benadryls, Tylenol, and applied a cold compress to my eye and nose. I went to bed super early, as I was just feeling miserable. I felt like I’d been punched in the face, with a thousand needles poking into me.

This morning, the stinging sensation is mostly gone but my eye and nose area is still swollen. I’m still taking medicine, applying a warm compress to my eye and nose and resting my eyes as much as possible. I’m also using a nasal antihistamine spray and homemade saline nasal spray.

I have no idea why my housemate decided to put the liners outside, but now I have to wait until winter/colder weather to mess with them. There are probably some other liners in the camper that I can use, but they will have to wait for another day.

*photo was made by me and made on my property

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5 Comments on “punched in the face

  1. Wow, that really sucks. Glad you’re healing up. Yellow Jackets are the worst; they sting you then keep on stinging you.

    • Thank you!
      Yellow jackets and hornets, but I’ve never been stung by hornets so I don’t know which is worse. I’m not volunteering to find out either!

  2. Oh how awful and scary to have been attacked by so many of them! I hope the pain is easing up today.

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