Dead pine down

August 4, 2023

*photos made on August 1, 2923, when we pulled the pine tree down and cut it up

The tree had been dead for a while, since before my dad passed away, but it wasn’t posing any real threat so we left it.

A few days ago, a wind storm brought it down. Not completely, but enough that I had issues with leaving it the way it was. It was caught in one of my older Holly Trees, so we had to do something about it. Besides that, I noticed that the deer like to bed down in/under the tree – with the pine in the way, they couldn’t bed down anymore.

It didn’t take us very long time pull it out and cut it up. There was a lot of vine we had to deal with, but overall it wasn’t too bad.

It’s still piled up, to the side, it’s too wet/green to try and burn. It will probably be left to rot, maybe use in one of my gardens. Who knows.

There are two small Holly’s growing. They’re too big to transplant, so they stay where they are. With a little work, I should be able to clear and keep a path to the lower part of my property. As long as my housemate doesn’t decide to throw debris in the area, that is.

Transgender school trustee shares violent anti-Christian meme on social media:…”It is not incidental that Westerby identifies as “proudly transgender” and also just happens to be the director of the Chilliwack Pride Society. A quick scan of Westerby’s Twitter profile reveals that the school trustee is first and foremost an LGBT activist who believes that opposition to LGBT ideology constitutes hate speech. That, I think, is far more relevant context to this steamroller-crushing-Christian-values meme than Reichelt’s attempt to pass this off as clever satire skewering a few American conservative commentators.” The meme:

Steamroller: LGBTQ+ rainbow “Barbie”, “Christian values”, sanctity of marriage “, “traditional family “, “etc “, being steamrolled or run over by steamroller.

(internet image)

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