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August 6, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

~ peekaboo squirrel ~

If you think by not telling me the truth you will avoid me from being sad.
Then you are Wrong.
Let me tell you I have been through worse and I can handle the truth
much better than your Lie.
So be Honest with me.
~ unknown

Not Okay! They are trying to normalize pedophilia!

“My uncle Pete comes over sometimes. He lives with us every now and then. He is really kind to me – holding me, listening to me, and making me feel loved.”

“One night when he was holding me, he started touching my private parts. Over time, he taught me to touch and play with his. It felt strange, scary and a little good too. He told me it was ok. This went on for several months. He told me, “This is our special secret.”


I don’t know what age group this is designed for, but it seems young
– elementary grades for sure.

He did not create the Democrats’ hate.
He exposed it.

He did not create the media’s bias.
He exposed it.

He did not create the corruption in BOTH political parties and government.
He exposed it.


Got my ticket for tonight!

~ stay home and do nothing ~
~ and go to bed early ~

…rarely ever do I go to bed early, but I’ll let you in a little secret – even if you’re doing “nothing”, you’re still doing “something”


25 Common Prepping Items You Don’t Really Need: ask a prepper… prep smarter – not harder, assessing your prepping needs, evaluate essential prepping needs, are some topics covered… portable showers and washing machines, purification tablets, underground vaults of safes, advanced navigation systems, expensive survival knives, non-essential survival tools are some items listed – plus more

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Gospel of Thomas (38)
Jesus says:
(1) “Many times have you desired to hear these words,
these that I am speaking to you, and you have no one else from whom to hear them.
(2) There will be days when you will seek me (and) you will not find me.”

comparable to: Matthew 13: 15 (NKJV)
John 7:34 (NKJV)

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