look up

August 14, 2023

looking up
I have hope
knowing this isn’t the end
not the worst nor the best
there’s always something just around the corner
whether good or bad
there’s still life
until tomorrow
I look up
and hope

6 decades ago, you thought I was bullsh!tting you.

How do you feel now that the collectivist assholes have infiltrated academia, the media, Hollywood, politics, and the millenidiot mindset.

~ Senator Joseph McCarthy


you can ban guns, bows and arrows, hatchets, spears, cars, trucks, swords, boxcutters, knives, sticks and stones…

but you will NEVER disarm evil!


“Gesh, Helen – you can’t go on the beach
like that! It’s obscene!”


X (Twitter) is still censoring conservatives, they’re just cleverly hiding it: freedom first network… “Twitter is still censoring conservatives. Elon Musk can claim that he’s a free speech guy, but when push comes to shove, the facts prove otherwise. The policy of Twitter is now: Freedom of Speech, but not necessarily Freedom of Reach. This is an attempt to appeal to conservatives to bring them back on the platform, but it’s deceptive, at best.”

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fastest way to mess up someone’s ‘knock knock’ jock?
‘It’s open’

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