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August 16, 2023

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…a 13 minute video

July 26th, 2023: The People’s Voice…The Obama’s long-term personal chef, who insiders claim was revealing inside information, has been found dead at the Obama estate in Martha’s Vineyard, just weeks after investigators linked Obama to Pizzagate and child sex crimes.
According to mainstream media, Obama’s personal chef, Tafari Campbell, an expert swimmer, drowned in just a few feet of water on a perfectly still lake.
Now the location of Barack and Michelle is unknown, the authorities are refusing to release the 911 calls logged from the Obama’s residence, and their lawyer has advised them not to say anything.
Tafari Campbell, 45, worked in the White House for eight years during the Obama presidency before staying on with Barack and Michelle after they left the White House in 2016, raising eyebrows at the time about how close he was to them.

…I’ve heard different stories…he was alone and couldn’t swim, was taking swim lessons, and as this statement says (above), was an excellent swimmer. The Obama’s weren’t home, then they were…

something fishy is going on here…but it’s really nothing new, the fishy part anyway.

EXPOSE the PEDOS end of the CABAL: this link will take you to the same video that I have shared here, but there are links in the description that will take you even deeper – if you so choose to go there, plus the comments! I never – or should I say, rarely – get involved in the comments section, I just don’t want to get that involved. I want the information, making my own decision on what is being shared. Letting more info come out. At the moment, this story has gone kinda quiet, with Trump’s indictment (s) and the Maui fires taking center stage.

Everything will come out, the truth will be known.

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