willing to fall

August 18, 2023

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~ August 15, 2023 ~

You cannot dip your toe into my madness.
To truly know me, you must be willing to fall.
~ Raven Black Poetry

Going into fall 2023 still unjabbed, knowing there are only 2 genders, cooking my own food and taking my herbs… and telling people this was all planned.


Do you realize, that if Democrats would stop shooting people, gun violence would drop by 90%


Breaking News

The world is almost out of common sense.


Maui Massacre: real raw news…”… General Eric M. Smith at Camp Pendleton ordered Marines to Maui to investigate claims that the Hawaii National Guard and FEMA were terrorizing disaster victims. A source in the general’s office told Real Raw News that Marines arrived in Maui at 4:00 p.m. and immediately witnessed and responded to unimaginable carnage. He called the death toll “catastrophic.” He would not quantify how many Marines went to Maui, but his gloomy tone suggested that Deep State forces outnumbered White Hats significantly. Backup, he said, was on the way.”…if this is true… heaven help us

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2 Comments on “willing to fall

  1. Democrates be damned… a 90% reduction in gun violence would just raise the percentage of “other” forms of violence.
    People at this stage of enlightenment just do not get along well enough.
    By hook or by crook – they want what others have.

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