nothing is little

August 23, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

to a great mind
nothing is little

~ Sherlock Holmes

Pro Tip:

keep your guns upstairs…

this way Biden can’t take them!

…or upstairs, whichever is best for you!


A major agenda of the ‘powers that be’ is to connect all of humanity to AI. To completely take over human thinking and human perception to the point where people are no longer themselves. Be mindful of this as they roll out these technologies.


Epstein’s clients aren’t in jail. They’re busy creating a social credit system for you.

You know that, right?


reinforce the front door, don’t leave your keys in a flowerpot outside, “burglaries only happen at night”, don’t leave ladders outside/or in plain sight, the warmer the weather the more likely a break in, bar your sliding glass doors, they’ll go for stuff outside, reinforce your windows

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Gospel of Thomas (54)
Jesus says:
“Blessed are the poor. For the kingdom of heaven belongs to you.”
comparable to Matthew 5: 3 (NKJV)

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