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August 27, 2023

I wouldn’t call it a pond, exactly…

But it will hold water.

A couple weeks ago I dug out some grass when I started working on the pathway – which is to the left, off camera. I was going to just leave it, but I brought up some gravel from the rock pile. So I put what I had brought up in the hole. Then, I decided to take a piece of the old pool liner, cut it down to size and line the hole.

I had to take the gravel out, put the liner in, then put the gravel back. I obviously need more gravel.

It won’t hold much water, which is fine. It will be a small collection hole or pit, which the smaller critters will enjoy when it’s hot out. I already noticed a mayfly hovering over it.

I might see if I can find a small garden bridge to put over it…you know, one of those decorative ones…


Little by little, it’s filling in with rock!
I went walking around my property on Saturday with a five-gallon bucket, collecting rocks. I still need to bring more rock/stone up from the lower part of my property – I just haven’t been back down there as of yet.

*photo is mine and made on my property

… I still plan on making or digging out a frog pond, I just haven’t gotten there yet. It’s been hot and humid the last couple of days. Doing what I did here was about all I could do, but I was also working in full sun – no shade.

Now the Biden Administration Is Coming for Your Ceiling Fans: the federalist papers… “The Biden administration’s relentless pursuit of its woke green energy plan as seen the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) attempt to regulate common appliances in vast majority of American homes which will cause prices to rise and dependence on electricity to go through the roof. They have already gone after gas stoves, generators, water heaters and air conditioners. Now it seems the humble ceiling fan is the next target.”

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    • I’ll be sharing…probably even as I work on it. It’s going to be a challenge, I think… But one I’m willing to tackle.

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