be wise about the choices you make

August 28, 2023

… another one has left to explore the world…

… making it number 3! There are two more that are almost ready, plus many, many more that are still quite little.

the choices we make today
create the future we are dreaming of

I’m no longer calling it covid-19, I’m calling it the election-infection…


Al Gore: applauded for questioning the 2000 election
Stacy Abrams: applauded for questioning the Georgia election
Hillary Clinton: applauded for questioning the 2016 election
Donald Trump: arrested for questioning the 2020 election


that annoying moment when you finally get comfortable in bed, but then Bam,
you have to pee


Researchers looked closely at eco-friendly paper straws and made a shocking discovery: the federalist papers… “a study published Thursday in the journal Food Additives and Contaminants shows that not only are paper straws gross to drink with, they are actually bad for your health. In the study, conducted in Belgium, researchers examined 39 straw brands — composed of paper, bamboo, glass, stainless steel or plastic — available in supermarkets, toy stores, fast-food chains, drug stores and e-commerce platforms for concentrations.”

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the gingerbread man makes his bed
with cookie sheets

8 Comments on “be wise about the choices you make

    • I think if they would have pushed it to hard, inconsistencies would have been found. We know they cheated, even back then, and have jokingly admitted to it but they didn’t want people to find out. In 2020, it seemed to be so blatant… and if anyone said anything or questioned it they were lambasted, censored, kicked off social media.

      • They are all cheats but when lies put others in danger, that’s when it’s a problem.

      • Whose lies? The Democrats? The Republicans? Trump? Who is an outsider, and threatens to expose all the evil in the government?

      • So democrats are the only ones that lie? Actually Kennedy has exposed quite a bit and democrats are trying to quiet him down. There are certain things on both sides that I like and don’t like. So there’s that!

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