“fake Jews”

August 28, 2023

I’ve been hearing the term “fake Jews” for quite some time and could never figure out exactly who these “fake Jews” are… until now.

Please know, as you’re reading this that I am not judging nor am I accusing anyone. I want to know who “fake Jews” are when the term is thrown out there… I hope you do too…

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“Many people are deceived by original Kazarian mafia from 800AD. They were the worst of the worst and the Russian Czar at the time was fed up and told the Kazarian king he must choose one of the 3 Abrahamic religions and abide by it. They chose Judaism and hijacked it with continuous child sacrifices, black magic, and sorcery. They are known as the Kabbalah where Cabal came from and follow the Talmud. These are false jews that are running the banks, WEF, MSM, all departments of authority. There aren’t many real Jews left that follow the Torah the Old Testament, I believe. Very few Israelis today can trace their bloodline to the land, yet 80% of Palestinians can. These CABALL false jews have infiltrated everything, started freemasonry in 1700s, as well as aiding and abetting all departments of authority, while practicing even today their black majic of deception, child trafficking, especially through Hollywood, whenever a disaster or war presents itself. Bohemian grove where brotherhood meet…the owl represents Baal. NASA – their lies, their ISS partnerships with many like Walt Disney studio’s are all sworn in freemasons that lied about the spherical earth, solar system, evolution, climate hoax.”

I’m including this below, because it just might make sense…

Jean Baptiste Lamarck originator of evolution…Einstein later and Charles Darwin all 33rd Scottish rite masons, the one eye on top of pyramid, CBS, your bank account log in, BlackRock, 666 on Google chrome icon, Ottawa flag, CERN logo, WEF logo…the snake on WHO logo and every medical association of every country, state and province…WHO started in 1945 right after WW2 that should tell you something. Snake on staff represents medicine god Asclepius who got great wisdom from the snake and can raise the dead. Zeus killed him as Zeus in charge of population control. Hades had Zeus bring Asclepius back to life as there wasn’t enough souls in the underworld. This is the logo taken from Greek mythology and acting it out today.“…these are all fake Jews, or associated with, if this is read correctly

I don’t care what app you use or encyclopedia or medical school…they will tell you same story. The snake and staff is also seen on satanic statue of Baphomet.

Wake up folks we are at war with these false jews and thier minions.

~ copied

The Rothschild’s, Soros’, and the like would be considered “fake Jews”, I think. If what I copied is true, then it’s possible even Netenyahu might be a “fake Jew”.

I won’t be accusing anyone of being a “fake Jew”, or anything else for that matter. I think it’s good to know what something means, when we hear or read something. We need to be able to at least somewhat understand what is being said.

It’s not for me to decide – in the end, God is the final judge. I really just wanted to put this out there, so if anyone else was confused or had questions about “fake Jews” – hopefully this answers it.

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