What if they lied to us? (video)

August 29, 2023

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They lied

Do you believe everything main stream media tells you about Donald Trump?
or anything else, for that matter?
Watch this entire video and decide for yourself…

…a three-minute video

I really hope that people have stopped believing everything the media, government, “elite”, Hollywood, say…look to “alternative” sources, hear differing opinions. Believe me, it’s hard to do…I used to watch CNN and almost voted for Obama the first time around, but one day I sat down with my dad – who was watching fox news. They were talking about Obama – things I had never heard at that point. I asked my dad, “Is this true?” He said “yes”…from then on, I realized that CNN, MSNBC and others (now Fox news and possibly even News Max) were keeping the truth hidden. Or trying to.

At this point, we should be questioning everything!

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7 Comments on “What if they lied to us? (video)

  1. It’s just atrocious that we have 2 different sources of information that are COMPLETELY different. Just give us the news, the facts, and I can figure out the rest on my own. All the MSM are terrible. They have weaved such a huge web of lies, and it’s really sad how many people have fallen for them.

  2. I watched CNN till I visited Egypt. Their media coverage portrayed America in such a nasty way it was as if they were trying to drum up hatred for our country.

    • I haven’t watched CNN for a long time, but the clips I do see, it doesn’t seem to be much different now. Most of the main stream media seems to have a real hatred (?) for the US and conservative, “old-fashioned” values.

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