Maui fires

August 30, 2023

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A Message to Maui… The Evidence May Shock You

… a 10-minute video

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8 Comments on “Maui fires

  1. The idea came to the publics eye waaay back in the movie Real Genius (1985) . ***and probably even before then.*** But it was only an idea because we didn’t have the technology. Or did we? This D.E.W. has been around for quite some time.. the tech is just getting better and better.

    • I’m going to look for the movie… they’ve been telling us what they’re planning or “thinking”, but we may not have been paying attention, thinking it only “science fiction”

      • That’s part of the reason not many people are aware, sci fi is just fantasy to most. Still, the truth is being told (in subtle ways – so subtle.

      • I remember watching Contagion and Outbreak and thinking the scenario wasn’t too far fetched…

        Kind of a different topic, but I’m always getting on my housemate about “true movies”… he’ll say something to the effect that “it’s a true movie, so…” and I’m like “there is no such thing as “true movies” – either based on a true story, or based on historical fact, but it is not a “true movie”. I get really annoyed sometimes…

      • Some parts are true, and other parts are fabricated. It’s the way of hollywood. I used hollywood generically as many movie makers are the same.
        I believe many of these technologies already exist –
        …but that’s me, ymmv

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