the system is already crumbling

August 30, 2023

…sorry this is later than “normal”, I got sidetracked with a video I will be sharing next week and lost track of time…things happen

wonderful ~ beautiful

The system is already crumbling.
Don’t wait in anticipation for breaking news about it.
There’s never been more distrust of government entities, mainstream media,
allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical corporations.
We are living through the collapse of an empire.


(Biden Economics)

~ the economy ~ the border ~
~ inflation ~
~ crime ~ education ~ corruption ~
~ weaponized government ~


they want your car
they want your gas stove
they want your air conditioner
they want your gas generator
they want your ceiling fan
they want your lifestyle
they want your liberty
they want your happiness


this has nothing to do with climate
(but rather control)


I have PTSD

Tired of


too much debt, not enough cash reserves**, living on 100% of income, buying into the panic, and more is covered in this article
** I know it’s debatable whether we should save or put cash aside, especially now…my thought is: 1) if things do crash you can possibly use cash to stock up to get you through until you can figure things out 2) if you save enough cash, you could use it to make a big purchase and not have to take out a loan – as long as there is some left over…you can always – hopefully – rebuild the cash reserve

*all photos (not meme’s) were made by me and made on my property unless otherwise stated

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Gospel of Thomas (61)
(1) Jesus said: “Two will rest on a bed. The one will die, the other will live.”
(2) Salome said: “(So) who are you, man?
You have gotten a place on my couch as a <stranger> and you have eaten from my table.”
(3) Jesus said to her: “I am he who comes from the one who is (always) the same.
I was given some of that which is my Father’s.”
(4) “I am your disciple!”
(5) Therefore I say: If someone becomes < like > (God), he will become full of light.
But if he becomes one, separated (from God), he will become full of darkness.

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