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August 30, 2023

My dreams are few and far between lately…

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This dream was from earlier this summer (a few weeks ago?) and is somewhat of a recurring dream. I had to sit on it for a while, so I could try and figure out what it means and if there was really anything to it.

In the dream, I’m kneeling on a cliff, looking down on a beach. Anchored close to shore are several black sailboats with light blue sails. The beach is deserted, and there are no visible people on the sailboats. I watch for a few minutes, stand up – dusting my hands and knees off, and sigh as I turn around and walk back into the woods.

The dream ends. I don’t know where I go or what I’m doing.

This may sound weird, but I think it means I will be safe as long as I keep my distance. A few months ago I had a similar dream, but the beach was on fire and there was a lot of chaos below – but I was unaffected.


(n) a vision seen in sleep
a dream


I usually do sit on my dreams for a little bit, so I can figure out what it means – if anything. And with the dreams I’ve been having the last couple of years – they usually do mean something.

I’ve had to reevaluate the “rapture” dream I had a couple years ago…basically, it was a dream where I was raptured, but allowed to come back. At the time, I thought I was allowed to come back because I still had work to do. Now, after learning more about Project Blue Beam…I think it may have been a warning. Not to allow myself to be deceived.

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All dreams have meaning, if we remember them…it is up to us, the individual, to figure out what it means. Usually, it’s also more of a personal message. Not always, but usually.

My son told me yesterday (Tuesday, Aug 29) that he had a cliff dream the night before…he had no idea I also have been having cliff dreams.

Dream About Cliff Edge

To simply be standing on the edge of a cliff and looking out suggests that you have reached a steady level of understanding and awareness. Perhaps you need a fresh point of view to look at your current situation. Be above your environment and seeing things in a new light.” (

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