world population – August,31, 2023

August 31, 2023

It’s been a while since I posted any updates on the world population – since February, to be exact. So I thought I’d look into it again today.

To be honest, I kind of got bored with it. The numbers were what I thought they would be – not stagnant, but not growing like one would think they would be growing.

On February 12, 2023 the world population was:


Current World Population

(February 21, 2023)


today: (February 21)

births today: 175,492
deaths today: 87,878
world population growth today: 87,614


On August 31, at approximately 8:30am, the population was:


current world population



Births today: 132,853
Deaths today: 60,115
population growth today: 72,738

This year:

Births this year: 89,147,195
Deaths this year: 40,338,164
Population growth this year: 48,809,031

(screenshot/world meter)

I found this interesting…

Worldometer – real time world statistics (

coronavirus cases: 694,610,811

deaths: 6,911,466

recovered: 666,397,906

…this was at approximately 1:44pm (my time) today.

by clicking the link above, you can see almost any “clock” you want…world population, gov and economics, society and media (new books, newspapers, TV sets sold today, for example), environment (forest lost this year, land lost to erosion this year for example), food…
I have no idea why the recovered number is green, but the 666 number is interesting…


top 20 largest countries by population


2023 World Population

The World Population in 2023 is 8,045,311,447 (at mid-year, according to U.N. estimates[1]),
a 0.88% increase (70,206,291 people) from 2022, when the population was 7,975,105,156, a 0.83% increase (65,810,005 people) from 2021, when the world population was 7,909,295,151. (worldometers)

Growth Rate:


…pretty steady decline since 1964, with some ups and downs, or leveling out.

world population forecast:


They’re predicting the world population to be 8,191,988,453 by 2025. The population, as of this morning was 8,057,704,648 – with only a growth of 134,283,805 in about 2 years.

To see current numbers: World Population clock

So, to recap, the world population today is 8,057,704,648 as of 830 this morning, with a growth of 48,809,031.

I’m not sharing this info to try to prove anything or scare anyone. I honestly want to see what is going on with the population. Over time, we will see what is going on. From what I see, population growth has slowed way down. The world population only grew by almost 212 million people in two years (approximately 106 million a year since 2020), that’s not a whole heck of a lot!

I probably won’t do this again until near the end of the year. If things, the numbers, were more drastic, I’d probably check it out more often. I mean, the population isn’t growing all that fast, but it’s not declining either. Or stagnant – yet.

And before I go, I do have a link on my main page that will take you to the clock – anything you want. I’d like to embed it but haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

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