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September 1, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

“Knowledge isn’t free. You have to pay attention.”
~ Professor Richard Feynman

There’s no reason to own a gun, think of the children!

You wanted to take my kids
and put me in a camp for being unvaxxed


I will not comply!


IRS agents ~ dinosaur

Your paycheck ~ me hiding from dinosaur/IRS agent

~ misleading
The libertarian party of Louisiana posted that IRS agents are coming for your paycheck. However, fact checkers determined that not all agents are dinosaurs


““What are we to do? What have we become, but a nation of destructive behavior?” Voight declared.”. . . ““Let us not allow the manipulation of this government to destroy this land, our purpose, our love, our light. Allow the truth to remind us all that we are a nation that has been free, and now our freedom is being taken away with lies and greed. Stand up now for the only truths that can save us, and let us remember Lincoln’s sacrifice. Much love to you.””

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Gospel of Thomas (63)
Jesus says:
(1) “There was a rich person who had many possessions.
(2) He said: ‘I will use my possessions so that I might sow, reap, plant,
(and) fill my storehouses with fruit so that I will not lack anything.’
(3) This was what he was thinking in his heart. And in that night he died.
(4) Whoever has ears should hear.”

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