moving stone and gravel

September 2, 2023

*I wanted to share this on Thursday, but time didn’t allow me – so today it is!

… a new stepping stone and “holding ditch”/mini drainage pond

When I was working on the little holding ditch – or whatever you want to call it – the other day, I realized that I could no longer get to two of my finch feeders and one of my bird feeders. So I had to do something…

I had brought up a huge stone from the pile on the lower end of my property I knew I could use – I just had to bring it over. It is heavy! Too heavy for me to lift – so I had to hook the trailer back up to the mower. The way I move it is – I lift it up on one end, let it fall away from me, lift the close end up, let it fall, usually long end to long end, and keep doing this until I get it where I want it. To get it in the trailer I get it on a short end and prop it on the edge of the trailer, then lift the end and push it into the trailer.

I had to dig out some “weeds” before I put the stone in place. I will be putting river rock/gravel around it – but not yet.

When I was finished with that task, I brought up some more gravel…

I used two old coolers and a five-gallon bucket. The coolers have been in the junk pile for a couple of years, it doesn’t matter if they get busted up – they weren’t good to be used for food anymore anyway.

The old liner and gravel is going to be an overflow trench or ditch for the frog pond I am working on. When the pond overflows – IF it overflows, my hope is that it will drain into the woods and not the holly tree or towards the pool. I might have to build up the sides a little, but I’ll deal with that when I have to.

Yes, I am creating a frog pond. Hopefully I get it finished before winter sets in. My hope is that the frogs will lay their eggs in the pond rather than my swimming pool. Even if they do lay eggs in my pool, I can easily scoop them out and transfer them to the pond. This way I won’t have to keep them in the aquarium on the deck, although it is neat to watch them grow.

This is just a start, obviously…
I plan on putting more liner down, to the left and right of what I’ve already started. The hope is that the liner will keep anything from growing between the pond and the holly tree. This way, I can easily walk around this area of the pond and trim things back as needed.

There will be more photos to come…

This isn’t the same liner I plan on using for the pond.

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