Now is not the time to be neutral

September 3, 2023

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Always take sides.
Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
Silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented.
~ Elie Wiesel
Romanian-born American Jewish writer, professor,
political activist, Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor

the people telling us not to be offended by a beer can are the same ones who are offended by syrup, rice, butter labels and a country song


testicular injuries in women’s sports
~ The Atlas Society ~

…up 100% in 2023


~original ~

Oscar Mayer
cheese dog

Weiners made with turkey, chicken, and pork
in cheddar cheese flavored yogurt
made with velveeta

…uggg, maybe with vanilla yogurt? but sorry, can’t do it with cheese flavored yogurt – besides, I’m allergic to hotdogs, so you can have my share!


OTC Meds In Your Backyard: 10 Plant Alternatives: ask a prepper… aloe vera, peppermint, chamomile, lavender, echinacea, and more

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Gospel of Thomas (65)
He said:
(1) “A [usurer] owned a vineyard. He gave it to some farmers so that they would work it

(and) he might receive its fruit from them.
(2) He sent his servant so that the farmers might give him the fruit of the vineyard.
(3) They seized his servant, beat him, (and) almost killed him.

The servant went (back and) told his master.
(4) His master said: ‘Perhaps <they> did not recognize <him>.’
(5) He sent another servant, (and) the farmers beat that other one as well.
(6) Then the master sent his son (and) said: ‘Perhaps they will show respect for my son.’
(7) (But) those farmers, since they knew that he was the heir of the vineyard, seized him (and) killed him.
(8) Whoever has ears should hear.”

comparable to: Mark 12: 1-9 (NKJV)

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