be unapologetically you and break the chains

September 4, 2023


Your worth is not defined by the opinions of others.
Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.
When you allow the judgments and expectations of others to dictate your choices and actions,
you confine yourself to a life that isn’t truly yours.
Embrace your freedom and live a life that’s authentic, meaningful, and unapologetically yours.

Fauci’s mugshot


China gets auto chips.
Russia gets a pipeline.
The Taliban gets US arms.
Cartels get open borders.
We get mandates, lockdowns, inflation and a hostage crisis. And disease, and “climate change”, and
Don’t you get it yet?


will the real Brandon please stand up?

Make no mistake

This Islam loving, America hating, Marxist, Bastard is the shadow dictator behind the 2020 election theft and coup.
Hang the infiltrator
Take America back!


*all photos (not meme’s) were made by me and made on my property unless otherwise stated

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