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September 4, 2023

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FB says these many unanswered questions go against their community standards,
otherwise censorship of facts that have been confirmed by NIH, CDC, MSM and more:

~ Why is an article published by Fauci in 2008 entitled “Predominant Role of Bacterial Pneumonia as a Cause of Death in Pandemic Influenza: Implications for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness” in which it was determined by experts at the time that the Spanish Flu was not the major cause of death but it was pneumococcal (pneumonia), streptococci, and staphylococci strains that were responsible for the deaths due to mask wearing?
~ Why have Pfizer & Moderna not been charged with falsifying documents when they stated that the vaccine was 90-95% efficient in preventing transmission?
~ Why were early reports by VAERs about serious side effects ignored?
~ Why is myocarditis now accepted as normal for those who received the vaccine?
~ Why has information about liver damage to children ages 0-4 who received the vaccine being censored?
~ Why has the Red Cross admitted that vaccinated blood cannot be used?
~ Why has the MSM censored the 150 reports and studies determining that masks are ineffective and in fact cause illness?
~ Why has the MSM censored the fact that the NIH admits the U.S. funded “gain-of-function” in Wuhan, despite Fauci’s denials (LIES)? (10/21/2021)
~ Why is it that Brix admits the covid vaccines were never “going to protect against infection” and “We overplayed the vaccines” censored by the MSM?
~ Why have the MSM censored the fact that the German Health Officials admit that 1 in 5000 covid shots caused serious side effects?
~ Why has the MSM censored the fact that the last 16 years of Alzheimer’s research has been built on deliberately falsified data?
~ Why has the MSM censored the fact that so many food processing plants have been destroyed, while Biden states there will be food shortages, are not connected?
~ Why has the CDC and NIH renamed polio as Guillain-Barre, Transverse Myelitis, Coxsackie, MS and Cerebral Palsy?
~ Why has the CDC used false data by the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) to push vaccines on all children, including those under 5 years of age?
~ Why is the fact that Pfizer & FDA knew by Dec. 2020 that MRNA vaccines don’t work, that they “waned in efficacy” & presented “vaccine failure” and knew that covid was a side effect being censored?
~ Why is it censored that Pfizer knew in May 2021, that 35 minor hearts had been damaged a week after MRNA injection, but FDA rolled out EU*A for teens a month later?
~ Why is the statement from the WHO about reforming free speech censored?
~ Why is FB and the MSM censoring the video from the World Economic Forum stating they want 50% depopulation by 2023?
~ Why is the MSM censoring the fact that J&J’s Covid vaccine causes blood clots?
~ Why is the Autoimmune Blistering Disease (shingles or herpes zoster), listed as a side effect of the vaccine, being censored by FB and the MSM?
~ Why do the 12 members of the CDC’s ACIP Committee and other members of the CDC own more than 50 patents connected to vaccinations?
~ Why is sodium fluoride, a dangerous chemical and poison, added to water and other products, when it is known to have several serious health side effects from its ingestion?
~ Why has the media censored the results of the 2nd Nuremberg Trials held in 2021?
~ Why is the media censoring the fact that the virus is destroyed after 2-5 min. of UV exposure (sunlight)?
~ Why is Fauci not being held for perjury after he was caught in lies at the Senate hearing and from the redacted Wuhan emails?
~ Why has the media censored the amount of money Fauci has invested in the Wuhan lab and the vaccine producers (conflict of interest)?
~ Why is the CDC endorsing wearing masks when they previously had taken 12 random mask studies and determined that masks were ineffective against influenza, a virus (on CDC website before 2019)?
~ Why is the media censoring the 2017 statement Fauci made to fellow scientists that there would be a surprise epidemic during Trump’s term?
~ Why did the CDC changed the definition of a vaccine twice in 2020?
~ Why has the media censored the CDC’s recent statement that cotton masks are ineffective against the virus (2021)?
~ Why has the media censored the heart problems and blood clots associated with the vaccine (2021)?
~ Why has the media censored the fact that the vaccinated have the highest infection rate (2021)?
~ Why is the media censoring the fact that Pfizer has had multiple judgements against them for fraud, misinformation and lies concerning their products, including vaccines (over $4 billion in the last 20 years)?
~ Why has Pfizer asked the FDA to allow them 75 years before releasing data about the vaccine (2021)?
~ Why is Pfizer exempt from any damages caused by the vaccine?
~ Why should the FDA be trusted when they have recalled 11,779 drugs they approved since 2012?

Answers to these questions are censored by FB and the MSM.
Do the research, the answers are out there. You may share this if you wish to inform others.

*there were a lot of @ ! $ in this post on Facebook, it’s the only way to post about vaccines, COVID, Fauci, Brick, Moderna, Pfizer, etc., without getting restricted or banned. I did some major editing, but I may have missed a few. For that, I apologize.

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