the more you understand the more you wish you didn’t

September 5, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

According to Charles Bukowski,
“Sadness is caused by intelligence, the more you understand certain things,
the more you wish you didn’t understand them.”

“Are you ready for your next one?”


Woke Disney

erasing white characters

antiwhiteism: (noun) prejudice against white people, or hostility toward, hatred of


direct energy weapons are not “climate change” and cows are not arsonists!


JOB SEARCH WEBSITE INDEED, IS OFFERING A DISCRIMINATORY $10,000 RELOCATION PAYMENT TO TRANSGENDER EMPLOYEES: woke alert… “Individuals who believe in only two genders need not apply: Indeed is offering a $10,000 relocation payment “for transgender employees or those with transgender children” so employees can live in states that put no guardrails on “gender affirming care” for minors.”

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Gospel of Thomas (67)
Jesus says:
“Whoever knows all, if he is lacking one thing, he is (already) lacking everything.”

comparable to: James 1: 5-6 (NKJV)

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