WEF signs order cancelling US elections

September 5, 2023

World Economic Forum

The era of elections is over
– voting is a waste of resources.

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WEF signs order cancelling US election: Americans must be ruled by global elite for their own good

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There will be no US elections in the future according to Klaus Schwab and his WEF cronies who have ordered the Deep State traitors working at the heart of government to pull the plug on the 2024 election.

The globalists have overstepped the mark repeatedly in recent years and their policies have become so repugnant to normal people that they have given up even pretending to try and win a free and fair election.

What does this mean? While there will be a vote, your vote will not count because, as far as the globalists are concerned, the president will be selected, not elected.” (the people’s voice)

Who says voting is a waste of time? Who says us Americans must be ruled by the global elites?

I get the vote/elections have been hijacked – for a lack of better terms, but if we don’t vote in 2024, we might as well kiss our country, freedoms, life, sovereignty good-bye. Or…civil war! Might happen anyway…

I for one DO NOT want to be governed by some foreign elitist that thinks he – or she – knows better. We are seeing, first hand, what happens when the power is taken away from the people…and it will get much worse if we allow this to happen.

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