“pink eye” bioweapon?

September 6, 2023

Did the deep state create a “pink eye” bioweapon?

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…an 18 minute video

Soliris is suggested by the guest in the video to treat pink eye…colloidal silver is suggested by someone in the comments…

Soliris is a prescription medicine…definitely do some research or ask your doctor about it.

I do use colloidal silver…initially to treat canker or cold sores, but have found it has many more uses.

according to Dr. Axe, it can be used for pink eye/ear infections, antiviral, antibacterial/antimicrobial, wound care/skin health, as an anti-inflammatory, sinusitis, cold/flu, pneumonia

to read more: Colloidal Silver: Beneficial Compound or Unsafe Hoax?“According to a review published in Environmental Health Perspectives, this is a controversial topic that has contenders on both sides. The review states “despite its widespread use, nanosilver remains a fairly poorly understood material to both regulators and scientists. Consensus remains elusive on subjects as essential as how it behaves in the human body and environment, and the extent to which its use may contribute to bacterial resistance.””

my advice? Research, research, research…in my opinion, colloidal silver is safe, if used moderately, as with anything…

As for pink eye being a bioweapon? There was a time I probably would have said “doubtful”, but here recently…who knows, especially since COVID. I’ve “known” for years that the flu shot wasn’t all they were making it out to be, but really never said too much. I never took it (or the nasal mist), but people had the right to choose.

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