September 6, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

did you hear how the hurricane met the tornado?
there’s a twist at the end

potty training at its finest


have you seen Lockheed Martin’s new highly-advanced direct energy weapon?

~ National Defense
~ Just In: Lockheed Martin
delivers high-powered laser tech
to Pentagon

(National Defense Magazine)

please research “silent weapons for quiet wars” (…


how the seeds of the revolution were planted…

~ we met in taverns
~ we met in restaurants
~ we met in churches

understand the closures now?

…I have been saying this since the beginning of all this!


Alex Soros Vows To ‘Wipe Trump Supporters From Face of the Earth’: the people’s voice… “The son of George Soros and newly appointed head of the Open Society Foundations boasted that he is now laser-focused on ensuring Trump and his supporters do not gain any type of political or cultural power in America.” one political party, right? For the world? whether you believe in what that party stands for, you better fall in line…

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Gospel of Thomas (68)
Jesus says:
(1) “Blessed are you when(ever) they hate you (and) persecute you.
(2) But they (themselves) will find no place there where they have persecuted you.”

comparable to: Matthew 5: 11 (NKJV)
1 Peter 4: 12-19 (NKJV)

13 Comments on “twisted

      • Sometimes they need a little incentive 😉 I tried to use Cheerios with my son, but it didn’t work. Peeing on a tree… that worked! Until company came over…🤣 I had to tell him to use the toilet when people were over, and to be aware of his surroundings

      • Our nephew is a farmer’s kid and just goes where he feels like going. We went to the Sternberg Museum with he and his mom and he just peed right on the tire of her car in the middle of the parking lot. 🙂

      • Boys/men can get away with it so much easier than we can… I’ll squat, but I need some cover depending on where I am.

      • It depends on where I’m at…here on the property? No problem – no neighbors! Although I might go behind a tree or bush depending on what I’m doing. The same with camping, when hiking out in the middle of nowhere I’ll step way off the path.

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