green, green grass . . . of yesterday

September 7, 2023

throwback Thursday

September 2022 (left) ~ August 2023 (right)

It is so impossibly dry this year! We’ve gotten rain, but not enough! We didn’t get much in the way of snow this past winter either…

It’s much worse, dryer, now than when I made the photo back in August, but I’m not going out to take a photo.

I’ve almost given up on my veggie garden… I’m still watering it, but not hopeful in getting any produce. Some of my other gardens are doing okay, depending on how much sun they get and if I can reach them with the hose. Some of the flowers would be dying off anyways.

On a plus side, they are calling for severe thunderstorms, have been getting alerts all day. We’ll see what happens…

*photos are mine and made on my property

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