September 7, 2023

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How Nakam And Abba Kovner Tried To Kill 6 Million Germans After WWII

~ led by Abba Kovner, the Nakam group of Jewish vigilantes hatched an audacious plan to kill 6 million Germans as revenge for the Holocaust
~ many Jews felt that the upcoming trials of prominent Nazis wasn’t enough, the end of the war and trials weren’t enough
~ many Nazis were sent home – the Allies POW camps couldn’t contain the prisoners, the Nuremberg trials couldn’t possibly hold ALL the Germans/Nazis responsible
~ Jewish vigilante groups started popping up
~ Nazis were found, taken into the woods and shot; hanged in their garages, found dead in roadside ditches from what looked like hit-and-runs
~ Abba Kovner:
– felt this wasn’t enough
– he believed in Old Testament-style justice
– he felt that for each Jew killed a German/Nazi should be killed
– formed a militia named Nakam, or Nokmim, which is often translated as “avenger”
– the idea was to poison five German cities water supply – Nuremberg, Weimar, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich, known as Plan A
– Plan B was to specifically poison Nazi prisoners of war
~ by mid 1945, he had about 50 recruits
~ the recruits disguised themselves as engineers and workers, studying how the water was pumped into peoples homes
~ in September 1945, Abba went to Palestine to obtain poison
~ here he met Chaim Weizmann, the President of the World Zionist Organization, who was receptive to the idea and one of two future Israeli presidents Kovner would go through to get the poison
~ in December, when Abba was headed back to Germany with two canisters of poison, he was arrested with one canister, the other canister he managed to hand off to his escort along with a note, telling his wife to proceed with Plan B

~ under new leadership, they proceeded with Plan B, with the aid of a baker, who supplied bread for the Nazi POW’s
~ in the early hours of April 13, 1946, 3,000 loaves of bread was coated with glue and arsenic – by that evening thousands of Nazis were hospitalized
~ it’s not clear how many Nazis died, but according to a New York Times report, 2,238 got sick
~ recently declassified documents state that not one Nazi died from the poisoning, which is odd because the ‘Avengers’ used enough poison to kill tens of thousands (they may have spread the arsenic too thin?)
~ after this, Nakam began focusing on Israeli defenses.
~ no Avengers were ever charged with any crimes against the Nazis

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