be a witness

September 8, 2023

~ praying mantis ~

“Changing the situation might take a while, so changing our mindset in the meantime, is a must.

“The way I cope, is by being a ‘witness’ rather than an actor in the show, an ‘active witness’ at that, but a witness none the less.

“In other words, I observe, I see, I share, I do my work, but I try not to ‘own’ the situation, not to make it mine. I refuse to be the victim nor the perpetrator, instead I watch the madness and I turn the spotlight on it for others to recognise and join me, in rejecting it.

“We have seen the power of the many when we boycott corporations, in the same way we must boycott the matrix itself, by rejecting, disengaging, and refusing to be a part of it.

“The matrix is no longer my reality, I navigate it’s surface when I must, but otherwise, I watch it as a witness, in the faith that we will see its final collapse.

“The ‘active witness’ mindset is the only way I can cope, but if we were all to adopt this mindset, we would stop feeding the matrix and the situation itself would change.

“Ultimately, changing our mindset, is, what will change the situation and happiness will be a guaranteed result.”

~ Laura Aboli

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Lawyers Claim Cable TV and Phone Companies Also Responsible in Maui Fires:… “HONOLULU—After a visit to a warehouse where Hawaiian Electric Company is housing power poles and electrical equipment that may be key to the investigation of last month’s devastating fires on Maui, lawyers for Lahaina residents and business owners told a court Tuesday that cable TV and telephone companies share responsibility for the disaster because they allegedly overloaded and destabilized some of the poles. The lawyers said the cables were attached in a way that put too much tension on the poles, causing them to lean and break in the winds on Aug. 8 when flames burned down much of Lahaina, killing at least 115 people and destroying more than 2,000 structures.”

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