stronger than we think

September 8, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

“We don’t even know how strong we are
until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward.”
~ Isabel Allende

…so tired of being strong though…

“Men commit way more violence.
Women are superior.”

“Ok, let’s look and see which men
commit most crime.”

“Racist! Fascist!”

~ laughing ~


The most popular line of toys ever produced…

high powered rifles: different shaped sticks

submachine guns/pistols: different shaped sticks

hand grenade: pine cone


If you have to cheat to win,
you’re still a loser


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Gospel of Thomas (70)
Jesus says:
(1) “If you bring it into being within you, (then) that which you have will save you.
(2) If you do not have it within you, (then) that which you do not have within you [will] kill you.”

comparable to: Philippians 4: 9 (NKJV)

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