terrorism and theft

September 8, 2023

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Everyone that lives in a “modern” society is an employee of the “government”.
You work your ass off all year and then they want up to 40% for doing nothing.
They spend it however they like,
without your permission on things that usually just make the world worse, mainly war.
That also means, if you work 40 hours a week times 50,
you’ve worked 2000 hours and 800 of those hours you were literally slaving for the government,
of which most of us don’t even trust,
but we try to get on with life in fear of what they might do if we revolt.
That my friends is literally the definition of terrorism and theft.
~ Don Freeman

Any government with enough power to demand that you carry papers in order to move around freely, is far more dangerous than covid19


I’m at that age that the next day my body whispers to me:

“please don’t do that again”


If a white man walks alone in the woods, minding his own business…

is he still a racist?


‘Bible Trial’ Verdict Could Determine If Posting Bible Verse Online Is A Crime: prophecy news watch… “Finland seems eager to send the West spiraling back into a new and real Dark Ages of anti-Christian discrimination after putting Päivi Räsänen back on trial for simply articulating a Christian perspective on marriage and sexuality.” . . . “This aptly nicknamed “Bible Trial” highlights the precipitous and harrowing decline of free speech and religious liberty across what was once known as the “free world.”” . . . “If the Bible is indeed labeled as hate speech, or even banned, the freedoms we hold so dearly in this country will be severely tested. First Amendment freedoms are the natural inalienable rights of all men and must be vigilantly protected in the United States and abroad. Any “hate speech” classification that criminalizes the private thoughts in one’s own brain can quickly become an arbitrary and capricious process, as we see in Finland.”

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Psalm 31:24 (NKJV)
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart,
All you who hope in the LORD.

2 Comments on “terrorism and theft

  1. I don’t fear how they would react if we revolt… I already know how that would turn out.

    As for the 40% tax money that’s taken from me — I blame my employer for cow taoing. But then I also don’t need to work where I work either, sooo…

    If (the books) say I make $20 an hour and the gummint takes 40%, it’s like I only make $12 an hour. So that’s what I would tell people my hourly wage is —
    *** no not really ***
    It’s still a bag of flaming dog poop. grrr

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