WEF caught paying arsonists

September 11, 2023

WEF Caught Paying Arsonists To ‘Burn Down the World’
as Part of Sick Depopulation Plan

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…an 11 minute video

~ A New World Order will emerge from these wildfires ~

“Far-left arsonists are engaged in a globalist plot to “burn down the world” according to a WEF insider who warns that humanity has been primed to fall for the globalist elite’s three-card trick.

“The global elite laid the groundwork with the Covid pandemic, training the masses to be compliant, while pre-programming them with years of climate change propaganda in the media. As far as they are concerned, the wildfires are the final nail in our coffin.

“Climate change is not only a hoax, it is a decades-old global depopulation plot, and WEF-infiltrated governments all over the world are going along with it.” (the people’s voice)

Arson: the crime of maliciously, voluntarily, and willfully setting fire to the building, buildings, or other property of another or of burning one’s own property for an improper purpose, as to collect insurance

We could add to that… setting fire to something for malicious intent- to get people to move, give up; to destroy someone else’s property for personal gain. It doesn’t have to be buildings, per se, it could be a forest fire, a city/town/community, almost anything

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3 Comments on “WEF caught paying arsonists

  1. There are those who will fight back. Fight back with whatever skill and ability God has given them to defend themselves with.

    • I agree. And we’re doing what is the right thing, right now… I posted this as a comment on wimkin about an hour ago, it’s about fighting back…”actually… Budweiser is hurting, target is hurting, every company that goes woke is hurting, every company that tries to shove an agenda down our throats is hurting, the Democrat party is freaking out. It may not seem like much, but it’s a start. Exposing the evil deep state is going to take time, they’ve had a long time to do what they’re doing… little by little. They are scared to death of Trump! Which is why they’re going after him (and others) so hard. If they can eliminate him…well, then we go to a whole new level. No one wants to start an actual shooting war…there will be bloodshed. Everything we’ve seen so far will be nothing compared to what could and will happen if we pick up our arms. Staying informed, doing what is right, and standing strong is what we need to do right now. Even if that means sharing memes, articles, whatever. They want us to pick up our arms (guns) and fight back, but as soon as we do…we better be ready.
      … I also think if we didn’t have social media, this “game” would be over. But we can’t change that because that’s not reality… being realistic, we’re doing what needs to be done. Right now. We can’t look back or forward…all we have is right now. And right now… we’re doing what is right.”

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