making a break for it

September 13, 2023

it’s that time again…

to take a short break

I really don’t like to, but at the same time – I need to.
It will only be for five days…

…so on the 19th of September I will be back!
bright eyed and bushy tailed! Hopefully!!

I’d rather not push myself to total exhaustion…

I used to go 100 days before taking a break. At first it was okay, but I found that I was wearing myself out, so I decided to take some time off. At first it was only a day, but that wasn’t really enough, so I started taking five days. Then, I shortened it from 100 days to 60 days. It may or may not stay this way…I could possibly go longer before taking a break, but for now 60 days seems to be the magical number.

I do have two posts planned – one is a bookish post, not to give anything away, and the other is something on the Gospel of Thomas – just as a refresher since it will have been a few days.

This doesn’t mean I will totally disappear… I will still be around – I just won’t be posting like I normally do.

You will always have problems.
The trick is to learn to enjoy life while solving them.

when you can be indicted for saying there’s election fraud…

there’s election fraud


If you leave your children
a world where you never stood up,
they’ll inherit a world where they can’t!


someone call the FDA!
This man is about to eat horse food!


Before I go, I wanted to share a couple of photos of the work I’ve done on the “start” of the frog pond. It’s not much…but it is a start.

It’s been so hot recently that I wasn’t able to work on it – at all! Only yesterday (Tuesday, September12) was I able to get back out there and do anything. I managed to haul away two wheelbarrow loads before I got to hot…and I dug up a nest of red ants. The big ones…so I had to stop anyway! I didn’t want to get bitten or stung or anything like that.

Basically where I’m standing is where the actual pond is going to be. I’m putting liner down in this area – between where the pond is going to go and the holly tree/woods – to hopefully keep anything from growing there. That area, where the liner is, will be an area I can walk around and do any trimming/weeding that needs to be done. What I’m working on now will be a drainage ditch of sorts for any overflow. Hopefully, this will allow any overflow that does happen to go into the woods – and not towards the pool. I might have to build some of the edge of the pond up, but I’ll deal with that if I need to, later.

The liner under the cooler will go to the right, and will be put down kind of where it already is. I just need to dig it out. I might need to put more liner down. If I do, I have some more small squares from an old pool liner I can use. I probably won’t need much more…hopefully. To the left I’ve got a pile of root free dirt that I’ve started saving to put in the pond when I’m ready, covered to keep it from washing away.

Then for the actual pond, I’ve got a piece of heavy-duty liner folded up in the house. Articles I’ve read state that the pond should be three feet deep at the deepest – so the frogs/tadpoles can survive the winter freeze. There will be sloping ground as well. I will only make it as big around as the liner I have allows me to.

As always, I will be sharing progress and frustrations – if any. As of yet, there have been no more snakes in the aquarium – and no tadpoles have transformed into frogs and left to explore.

*all photos (not meme’s) were made by me and made on my property unless otherwise stated

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

have you ever tried eating a clock?
it’s really time consuming
especially if you go for seconds

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