strange names for strange times

September 13, 2023

“Looking to name your little one something besides Aidan, Graydon, Braden, or Jaden?
Try these names…which were popular in medieval times.”

~ Hoger: Old German for “mind, heart” and Saxon for “spear”
~ Falatrude: Old German for “falcon”
~ Abone: Old English for ‘obscure’
~ Ulfkell: Icelandic, translates to “wolf kettle”
~ Tallboys: Old French for “woodcutter”
~ Zawissius: Czech for “spite”
~ Wigbert: Old High German for “battle brightly”
~ Waldswind: Saxon for “authority”
~ Ebbo: Old German for “boar”
~Ashway: Old English meaning “spear made from an ash tree”

source: Uncle John’s Old Faithful Bathroom Reader

*photo is mine and made on my property

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