Hands off!

September 19, 2023


Back in August I had another dream…very simple…and short.

Very similar to the image above, but there were lots of hands! Everywhere I turned, there were hands grabbing at me – and it was dark! I couldn’t see anything but the hands…I made myself wake up, I was scared. This dream really did scare me…

I know it was “just a dream”, but for some reason I got scared.

Oh yeah, this is yet another dream about the fear of losing control, trapped and/or limited in some way.

“Dreams about hands trying to grab you may indicate feelings of fear or vulnerability,
a sense of being trapped or overwhelmed, or the need for boundaries or protection in your waking life.”

maybe, just maybe there will be some changes ahead for me…

lucid dreaming:

Lucid Dreaming

“The state of lucid dreaming
means nothing more than simply being aware that you are dreaming.”

The 4 conditions for lucid dreaming:
~ aware that you’re dreaming
~ objects disappear after waking
~ physical laws need not apply
~ clear memory of your waking reality

How to start lucid dreaming:
~ dream recall: start journalling every morning
~ reality check: are you in a dream or the waking world?
~ dream signs: watch for dream commonalities
~ Mild set intentions for lucid dreaming

benefits of lucid dreaming:
~ escapism
~ rehearsal for waking life
~ self-improvement
~ transcendence


I am usually very much aware that I am dreaming, looking for something that isn’t “normal” in my waking life. Once I identify or realize that I am dreaming I can let go and see what happens.

Years ago, I had a dream that I was working at my old place of employment, I knew I no longer worked there – so I just did my job, then the fire alarm went off while I was talking to a customer. Everyone was panicking, leaving the restaurant, my customers looked worried, like “shouldn’t we get out of here”. I told them that it was my alarm clock going off…then I woke up, because my alarm really was going off, and it was time to start getting my son ready for school.

Another more recent dream I had (which I have shared, but I think was deleted), was I had just given my beagle a bath and was drying her off in my room. I knew I was dreaming because my beagle passed away in 2008 and I wouldn’t have given her a bath in the downstairs bathroom, which doesn’t have a tub. When I finished drying her off, she went running through my son’s room. My son was sitting on his bed messing with Pokémon cards or something, but there was also a fire on his bed. It wasn’t burning anything, and my son didn’t know the fire was there until I said something to him…the smoke from the fire contained written words or symbols in another language I didn’t recognize. Then, a hole opened up in the ceiling and a male voice said “I’m coming back soon”. Then I woke up…

This dream was near the start a long string of religious-like dreams, sounds and happenings and/or warnings, possibly – some of which happened during the day (hearing my name when no one else is around, bells ringing when there is no wind to make bells chime, a dog growling). There were times when I was taking a nap, just drifting off and I’d hear my name called out when there was no one around, startling me awake. At that point, whatever my subconscious was trying to tell me, was lost. At least for the time being.

I know these dreams are/were messages, something I needed to pay attention to and what kind of started me on the path to where I am today, doing what I’m doing.

hope you have a great day!
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