Operation fish bowl

September 20, 2023

Operation Fishbowl

1962, a series of high-altitude nuclear detonation explosions trying to break through the Firmament

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…an 11 minute video…we’re living in a dome!

“NASA mastered the satellite deception using the dome (Firmament) as a signal dish, a reflector that bounced radio waves back to receivers on the ground. They were able to map the varying heights of the barrier overhead, allowing them to calculate exact angles for differing bandwidths to provide radio “coverage” for specific areas. Note the interesting combination of the names of two of these “Operations” – Operation Fishbowl and Operation Dominic (which means “of the Lord”). Fishbowl of the Lord?

“Men’s initial understanding of the glass Firmament barrier overhead makes sense when you combine the two titles. The guys in charge KNEW what they were up against, and what they had discovered in Antarctica. Our military leaders at the time HAD to know our world was level and stationary, and now they had found out that the Firmament was REAL. What was their first instinct? Try to break THROUGH it! Launch missiles in an attempt to break that “highest and hardest glass ceiling”, right? The operational names reveal a lot.

“The Firmament exists. It’s real. They tried to break through it and couldn’t, so they invented a ruse to FOOL the public – NASA. The “space” program was invented to HIDE the existence of the solid dome overhead. If the public thought we were sending men into “space”, they’d think the biblical Firmament was a lie. What a clever deception. Now, we know better. The information is all out in the open.

“Research “flat earth” and the Firmament. “Space” is simply the long-distance ILLUSION of infinite depth caused by the differing sizes of the objects (the sun, moon, stars, nebulae, “galaxies”) that are IN the Firmament. It’s just the lights in the “roof”! We live IN a massive structure, with a floor, walls and a “ceiling”, and it was BUILT. It was CREATED. Our Father made it all just for us. It’s not the by-product of some “big-bang” explosion. Our world was MADE. YOU are special and loved by that same creator.

“The globe is a Jesuit/Freemasonic/Luciferian HOAX, and we all fell for it. It’s time to unlearn what we thought we knew. It’s time to research our level, stationary and ENCLOSED world.”

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