devotion to the truth

September 27, 2023

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Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality;
there is no greater, nobler,
more heroic firm of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.
~ Ayn Rand

what to do if the government re-implements COVID restrictions:

~ ignore any guidance, directives or suggestions from public health: these people are evil, practice non-violent, civil disobedience; follow the example of the freedom convoy
~ maintain your dignity: don’t let the covid enthusiasts drag you down to their level, you need to remain of sound mind


~ encourage your compliant family and friends
to do better this time around: remind them that their compliance
only prolonged the nonsense last time; this is their chance
at a do-over
~ above all: follow your conscience: never sacrifice your bodily autonomy

I see people alone in their car wearing a mask and I wonder if they lay in bed alone wearing a condom

…not really, but it is funny


who remembers these?

~ Tupperware ~

…I actually still have a few – bowls, coffee mugs, cups, measuring cups, sippy cups, salt and pepper shakers, pitchers, containers…I might even have some pie savers, if I were to start digging


Klaus Schwab Admits Agenda 2030 Is Failing As Millions Rise Up Against New World Order: the people’s voice… “Schwab tried to frame this as a positive development for the people of the world. In his psychopathic mind, we the people need to be ruled by the globalist elite for our own good, and he’s got a plan for us that involves murdering the vast majority of the world population, and for those who survive the mass extinction event, a grim future of eating bugs and crickets, banning meat and dairy, banning private cars, and 15 minute cities that could be more accurately described as open-air prisons.” . . . “Unfortunately for Schwab, the plan to lock up humanity by the year 2030 is not going to plan. The people of the world are slowly but surely waking up to the truth about his evil agenda and Schwab is becoming increasingly terrified of being held to account. The global elite are now acting like cornered rats and it’s our job to make sure they do not escape.”

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Gospel of Thomas (84)
Jesus says:
(1) “When you see your likeness you are full of joy.
(2) But when you see your likenesses that came into existence before you

— they neither die nor become manifest — how much will you bear?”
comparable to: Genesis 1: 26-28 (NKJV)
Gospel of Thomas Commentary 84
(early Christian writings)

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