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October 1, 2023

*Banned Books Week is October 1-7 this year, so I thought I’d take some time to acknowledge some books that have been banned…


I survived reading banned books
and all I got was smarter

I do have a page titled ‘books‘, which used to be ‘banned books’. I changed it because, well, I started reading on a regular basis again, and instead of adding another page, I just changed the title and added links to posts and stuff.

But this isn’t really what this post is about…

No libraries
No memory
No history
No future

save our libraries
don’t let America forget


I’m personally against book banning – unless it’s illegal (pedophilia?) or a lesson can’t be learned. Books should be age appropriate, and parents should have a say as to what their child is reading/learning. As the child matures, restrictions should be removed. Of course, this is on a case by case (family) basis. What’s good for me and my son may not be good for you and your daughter. Or something like that…

Beware of the book


I’m not really sure if “banned” is the right word to use. “Challenged” is more like it, because every single book on the list is still available – at least in the US, for now. As I stated earlier, books shouldn’t be banned. Restricted? Yes. Age appropriate? Yes. It should be up to the individual if they want to read a particular book. Or up to the parents if they want their child to read a particular book. If in school, parents should be able to “opt out”. (I will be addressing this issue of “book banning” in US public schools soon.)

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