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October 1, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

Don’t dim your light so that others won’t be intimidated by it.

Shine your light because that is what is meant for you
and the ones who appreciate your light will find you.

Chinese whistleblower has confirmed that as many as 5 million fake ballots were printed in communist China and shipped to North America to be used in the 2020 election. Demoncrats colluding with foreign governments to overthrow the US government is treason ~ Bill O’Reilly


~ the Chinese government aren’t the only
ones the Demoncrats colluded with…

Coincidences in the Age of Coincidences

~ The Chinese biolab in Wuhan belongs to Glaxo
~ Glaxo is the owner of Pfizer
~ Pfizer is managed by Black Rock
~ Black Rock manages the Soros Foundation


The average human body contains enough bones to make an entire skeleton…


Biden’s Border Patrol Agents Cut Through Barbed Wire Again To Allow Illegals To Enter US: the people’s voice… Footage of the scene obtained by then shows the officers helping a group of migrants including women and children who are hoisted up by officers. Officers can then be seen helping women carrying their children up over the embankment, and also placed fabric over the wire to avoid any injuries. After making it over the border, those who have just crossed can be seen lining up to be processed.   The video was captured on the banks of the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas, which has been inundated by migrants in recent days.

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Gospel of Thomas (88)
Jesus says:
(1) “The messengers and the prophets are coming to you, and they will give you what belongs to you.
(2) And you, in turn, give to them what you have in your hands (and) say to yourselves:

‘When will they come (and) take what belongs to them?’”
comparable to: Matthew 23: 34 (NKJV)
Ephesians 4: 11-13 (NKJV), Luke 12: 20 (NKJV)

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