go forth, teller of tales

October 2, 2023

go forth, the teller of tales
and seize whatever the heart longs for
have no fear, everything exists
and everything is true
the earth is only a little dust
under our feet
~ W.B. Yeats,
The Celtic Twilight

“The cow says…”


“the cat says…”


“the sheep says…”

“wear a mask”


H5377 – nāšā’– strong’s Hebrew lexicon (KJV): נָשָׁא nâshâʼ, naw-shaw’; a primitive root; to lead astray, i.e. (mentally) to delude, or (morally) to seduce:—beguile, deceive, × greatly, × utterly. (Blue letter bible)


Being conceived in the back of a jeep does not make you part Cherokee!

sorry, I thought it was funny…


*photos (not memes) are mine and made on my property

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