Terrance K. Williams: this is some bs

October 2, 2023


Make America Great Again

Booking Number: 2313827
Name: Donald John Trump
Booked: 08/24/2023
charges: challenging the deep state, putting America first
Comment from the accused: “Never surrender!”


Donald Trump’s NY business empire must be dissolved, judge rules

…a 5 minute video

“THIS IS SOME BULL SH*** A New York judge has given Trump 10 days to DISSOLVE the Trump Org. Impeach Letitia James who accused him of phony fraud crimes! Trump has Sacrificed so much and this is what he gets in return. Arrested, Mugshot and now his business is under attack! TELL KEVIN MCCARTHY TO DO SOMETHING!” ~ Terrance K Williams

…he has every right to be pissed! We all do!! Go against the deep state, be prepared. They – the deep state – is scared to death of Trump, and everyone else that exposes who they are. The only reason I am “safe” is because I have a small voice. That doesn’t mean I’m not being attacked, I am, but nowhere near what like Trump and other bigger voices are.

Arresting political opponents is something dictators do, not what happens in a supposed free country. If they – the deep state – are able to get away with this, we’re in trouble. You and I, the “little people”. We will be silenced… one way or another…

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