DARPA’s secret tech: bio-weapon and mind control terrifies scientists

October 3, 2023

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… a 20 minute video

“Every technology has the potential for good or evil. And who defines what’s good and what’s evil. And who uses it for what purpose. These are all questions that have been asked about everything from rockets to self driving vehicles. We still don’t have a good handle on the ethics of various technologies that we use. The technologists tend not to be concerned with the ethics. That seems to be the domain of other people – policy makers for example.” (unknown)

from a comment…“Go to a restaurant or a public place and check your wifi and look at all of the serial numbers that pop up… those serial numbers popping up on your wifi are the serial numbers of the vaccinated people around you“…that should be something worth checking out… Is the serial numbers of the vaccinated thing true? I have no idea, but I wouldn’t doubt it either

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