but for naught…

October 5, 2023

throwback Thursday

~ October 8, 2020 ~

Popped up in my FB memories from 2020…

“If you were offended last night because Trump wasn’t nice and cordial just don’t be offended:
~ when you have 50 gender choices on a job application
~ churches being forced to accept same-sex marriage
~ Christian organizations being forced to pay for abortions,
~ antifa, BLM and Marxists burning down your business, storming into restaurants and eating your food and forcing you to bow down to their agenda and them moving into your house
~ coming to take your guns away
~shutting down your church
~ raising your taxes
~ allowing men who claim to be women going into the same showers and restrooms as your little girls
~ when you can’t travel because they’ve shut down fossil fuels
(because planes aren’t run on solar and wind)
~ and when someone breaks into your house and there’s no police coming
because they’ve been defunded and now sending out a psychiatrist to evaluate your situation instead
~ don’t be offended then.
I don’t think I would be real cordial when someone is accusing me of killing 200,000 people from a pandemic that was created in China, or trying to impeach me with lie after lie for over three years (and counting), of putting my family through one heartache after another, or telling me you would take me behind the woodshed. Nah, I probably would have been even madder.”

Was anything missed? Oh yeah…

~ drag queens sexualizing children

~ millions of illegals crossing the border

~ the government targeting citizens for opposing their agenda

~ when lies are truth and truth are lies: the world is turned upside down

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