it’s okay. . . until it’s not

October 6, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

It’s ok to be white.
It’s ok to be black.
It’s ok to be Asian.
It’s ok to be hispanic.
It’s ok to be female.
It’s ok to be male.
It’s ok to be gay.
It’s ok to be straight.
It’s ok to be YOU.
But it’s NEVER okay to cook a steak well done.

Crazy how the internet cannot eliminate child pornography, the root demand for child trafficking, but can censor, block, and delete all “conspiracy theories” and facts.

Oh, and contact trace those who’ve been in contact with covid, but not those who steal and molest children.


How to ruin Halloween!

~ mini salad ~
fun size


Scotty, beam me the heck outta here…

They got dudes that think they’re broads and broads that think they’re dudes down here, and they’re all ruled by some old senile old man called Brandon


Winner emerges in world’s first make-up free beauty pageant where contestants are not allowed to wear even lip gloss: wapcodegub… “The new Miss London 2023 is creating a buzz on the internet for winning the “world’s first makeup-free” beauty pageant in England. Natasha Beresford, 26, a dental nurse, took to the catwalk with nothing but a smile on her face and was named Miss London 2023 in the regional heats of the Miss England contest.”“While contestants in previous years have been asked to submit pictures of themselves without filters, cosmetics or editing as part of the competition, this year’s pageant contestants were banned from using even lip gloss. Organisers said the concept aimed to empower women, boost confidence and promote a more realistic body image as it focuses on natural looks.”…another wordpress blogger, if you like what you see, consider giving them a follow

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Gospel of Thomas (93)
(1) “Do not give what is holy to the dogs, lest they throw it upon the dunghill.
(2) Do not throw pearls to swine, lest they turn <them> into [mud].”

comparable to: Matthew 7: 6 (NKJV)
Gospel of Thomas 93 commentary

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